Leading company in the copper foil and battery manufacturing industry

Tex Technology is a world leader in the renewable energy field, spanning from copper foil to battery manufacturing, where we play an essential role in the supply chain of electronics and batteries powering the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle and 5G industries. With our fundamental goal of realizing a sustainable society, we have expanded into various renewable energy domains, achieving success across the copper foil, battery, and other related fields.

We provide our clients a comprehensive range of services, from initial steps of the manufacturing plant design and consulting, to lateral procurement of materials and equipment. Tex Technology ensures our customers’ needs are our utmost priority, with services including troubleshooting, pilot line consultation, R&D, and mass production expertise.


Tex Technology A top enterprise of the copper foil
manufacturing industry in Japan
We have vast experience as well as solid know-how in the production and quality improvement of electrodeposited copper foil.

We possess comprehensive expertise of copper foil manufacturing, ranging from the equipment required to manufacture copper foil such as titanium drums, electrodeposition machines, surface treating machines, electrolytic solutions, and additives as well as technical consulting for product quality improvement and R&D. We provide our wide array of customers, including investors, copper foil manufacturers, and copper foil users, our knowledge as well as abundant insight and market information accumulated over the years.


Electrodeposited Copper Foil
Manufacturing Process