Company Introduction & Vision


Tex Technology is one of the world's leading professional groups in the field of renewable energy, spanning from copper foil manufacturing to battery manufacturing. With the goal of realizing a sustainable society right from the very beginning, we have expanded into various domains that are related to renewable energy, starting from the copper foil field to the battery field where we have accumulated a high level of achievements.

In the field of copper foil, which has been one of our strengths since the establishment of our company, we possess comprehensive know-how of copper foil manufacturing, ranging from the equipment required for manufacture such as titanium drums, foil making machines and surface treating machines, to electrolytic solutions & additives, all of which are necessary for electrolytic copper foil production. We also provide technical consulting for improving product quality, as well as R&D to copper foil manufacturers based on our comprehensive know-how in copper foil production.

We provide our know-how to a wide array of customers, including investors, copper foil manufacturers and copper foil users, along with the abundant insight and market information. The know-how that we have accumulated over the years is one of our greatest strengths and is unrivaled by any other company in the field.

In the battery field, especially in the field of lithium-ion batteries, we place the highest priority on the needs of our customers and offer a comprehensive package, from the initial stages of design and consulting, procurement of materials and equipment, support for pilot plant start-up, research and development, mass production know-how, and troubleshooting.

In recent years, the world has been powered by fossil energy and because of that it has been facing various problems such as climate issues and disease outbreaks, making the shift to renewable energy sources essential for building a more sustainable society.

We will continue to make the best use of our strengths in the field of renewable energy to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and achieve mutual prosperity over the long term, so that we can realize a sustainable society, which has been our goal since our founding.


Company Tex Technology Inc.
Incorporation date June 4th, 2002
President Tetsuro Yoshida
Address 6F., Konko Bldg., 1-16 Kanda Izumi cho 1
Chiyoda Tokyo 101-0024 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-6774-7525

Message from the President

Copper foil is an indispensable component of digital technology, which is the basic infrastructure of the fourth industrial revolution brought about by technological innovations such as electric vehicles, IoT, and AI, that are being developed at an accelerated pace for the realization of a sustainable society.

Since our establishment, we have consistently believed in the future potential of copper foil and have accumulated know-how in this field. As a result, we are now a leading company in the field of copper foil manufacturing and have earned a very high reputation among our various customers. Our mission is to share our strengths in the copper foil manufacturing field with our customers and contribute to the early realization of a sustainable society by growing and prospering together.

Meet our Team

The pace of the global economy surrounding us is increasing day by day as the information society develops and environmental issues become more urgent.

In order to provide timely services where and when they are needed, Tex Technology Inc. is armed with both smart, young, energetic sales representatives with international backgrounds as well as a top-level consulting team that is comprised solely of personnel with many years of experience working in top-tier Japanese companies.

Our sales team is divided into 3 groups, each with an assigned geographical region.

The team includes members of many different backgrounds and nationalities. We strive to utilize our individual characteristics in order to assure effective communication with our customers.