All solid state battery

Why all solid state battery

A solid-state battery works similarly to a lithium-ion battery. The main difference between the two lies within the electrolyte. While lithium-ion batteries use liquid electrolyte, solid-state batteries use solid electrolyte. 

Here are the main benefits that solid-state battery has over lithium-ion battery:


1.     Safer battery experience

Solid-state batteries use nonflammable solid electrolyte and thus are with lower risk of ignition. They also perform properly in wide temperature range and are possible for more applications.

2.     Higher energy density

The structure of a solid-state battery provides it with higher energy density. Solid-state batteries are said to be capable of delivering 3 times more energy density of current lithium-ion tech, which means the batteries can be lighter and smaller and store the same amount of energy.


What we do

We provide manufacturers with solid electrolytes (sulfide/oxide based) and various related equipment for production site or laboratory.

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